Ask anyone local to Barrhead and you'll always hear that there is an abundance of outdoor activities for you and your family to enjoy - nomatter the season. From paddling, boating, and fishing on our many lakes, camping  at the numerous private and public campgrounds, to tearing up the sand on your ATV at the Vega Sandhills, it's guaranteed that Barrhead has something for you.


Barrhead adventures are not as far as you think. With many amenities located in the southeast corner of the County, accessing outdoor activities is less than an hour from the Capital region. With the availability of motocross, camping, icefishing, paddling, farm adventures and so much more, you'll find adventure, nomatter your interests.

Rider on horse kicking up dirt in a rodeo arena

Blue Heron Fair & Rodeo

An action packed weekend guaranteed to impress with various rodeo events for adults and children. Ya'll be screaming "Yee-haw".

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