live in barrhead

End the rat-race and find better balance with a lifestyle that offers health and wellness in a community that supports diversity and freedom to grow your own way. The people of Barrhead are resilient, fun-loving, energetic, giving, friendly, polite and out-going. You will feel welcomed.

stay longer than a while

We often hear that visitors coming to Barrhead simply fall in love with the town, available activities, and the kindness of strangers - that a visit turned into a move.

Barrhead is an amazing place to live. Whether you choose the Town or County to call home, the Region has a lot to offer by way of natural amenities, Parks & Recreation facilities, schools, employment, and so much more. Find your better balance in Barrhead.


Two municipalities forming a single community. Both the Town & County each have their own unique qualities, but together they create the overall Barrhead experience.

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