alberta open farm days

Have you ever wondered how the food on your plate arrived in front of you? Join eight of our local Barrhead producers to learn about life and work on a farm - how sustainable practices are important in protecting farming, food supply and our environment today and for the generations to come. Experience hands-on activities that will have you washing grain to feeding the animals. It's all here in Barrhead.

AUGUST 13-14, 2022


This two-day event features farms from around the Barrhead region that give you an opportunity to experience farm life and understand how food gets to your plate. It's a backstage pass to experience the people and products behind the process. It's experiential ag-tourism that allows you to taste foods directly from the producers while immersing yourself in the agricultural space.

A Canada wide event that started over 10 years ago in the Maritimes will celebrate its 10th year in Alberta in 2022.

The 2022 10th anniversary edition of Alberta Open Farm Days will be held August 13 - 14, 2022, with a goal for you to experience farm life while while learning the realities of farming in a fun and engaging way!

2022 participating farms

Birch Creek Farms Ltd

Explore a bison farm from pasture to storefront with sampling of bison meat. Lunch available for purchase.

Van Assen Farm Ltd.

Experience a grain farm where flour is milled on site!

Happiness is Homemade...and found

Tiemworks Processing

Experience locally grown chicken products at DeHerdt's Garden Centre

Alberta Hemp Works - Farmers' Market

Experience a family-owned and women-led business working to create value-added markets for industrial hemp - a strong material that has multiple applications including construction materials.

Quedenbaum Farms Inc.

Expereince a grain farming operation producing wheat, barley, canola, faba beans and peas with free-range egg-layer chickens and American Blackbelly sheep.

Ehrenholz Farms

Farm is a place where the words "abundance" and "life" are in action every day. Visit a farm that strives to build a place where high-quality food is produced in abundance with an eye to promoting life on the farm, in the local ecosystem, and in the community.

De Herdt Gardens Ltd & Elieneke's Bake Shop

Join us amid your Barrhead farm tour for a cup of great coffee and delicious sweets. Every cup, whether regular or specialty, is made fresh to compliment the delicious pastries from our own artisan bakery.